Wednesday, January 9, 2008

in need of some cuteness?

Does the gray winter weather have you down? Do you have SAD? If so, I have a solution! Just follow these simple steps and soon you will be walking around with a smile on your face.

1. Maximize your browser window.
2. Click on this link.
3. Smile!

If this didn't work, you are beyond hope. Just kidding.

Watching this is like watching my fish swim around in their tank! If you are fortunate/unfortunate enough to have two computer monitors, load the link up on one screen while working off the other screen. You may even freak gullible coworkers by telling them you trapped a dog in your monitor! (and more points to you if you can pull this off with a flat monitor!)

(thanks for the link jtb)


The original link doesn't work anymore, but click here for a similar version of the original link (a kitten instead of a puppy). (thanks for the link DE)


prez said...

The kitten version:

Anonymous said...

I had to stop watching that... it was making me hungry. Or maybe it was the frying pan in the clip above. In any case, I've gotta get some food!