Tuesday, May 15, 2007

worst (or best?) parking job ever

Could the owner of this car do a better parking job even if he tried? I got stuck in my parking spot by this a**hole and ended up waiting for him to move his car for over an hour! And of course, this should happen at the time when I needed to be someplace for work. I attempted to take the company truck but all in vain as another coworker had taken the truck with separate set of keys and not signed it out leaving me to circle the huge parking lot for over half an hour looking for the truck that was not there. ARGH people!

Blocked in from the side. I'm still amazed he was able to get out without touching my car. I give him props for that!

Blocked in from the front.

From swimmer's itch to road rash

Does it ever stop? If it's not being attacked by parasites and getting swimmer's itch, it's being the victim of a bad bicyclist's action and getting road rash.

My helmet probably saved me a trip to the ER and probably saved this guy's life!