Monday, December 31, 2007

Stay away from my plastic!!!

I saw this postcard on PostSecret and was immediately horrified! I can ignore complaints about the cover on my remote control and endure ridicule about it, but having someone violate me by removing plastic from my appliances and gadgets --- GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

I wish I had the brilliant foresight to obtain a patent for the remote control cover. I'm sure millions of dollars have been made from "type A's", I mean buyers, in Asia alone. I don't want a disposable wussy little zip lock baggie, I want a real cover, but real ones are hard to find in the U.S.

For those who think I'm neurotic and just don't like having a dirty remote control think again! A study by"Dr. Germ" at Univ. of Arizona microbiology found that remote controls are the highest carriers of bacteria in a hospital room! (BTW - I highly recommend closing the toilet lid before flushing.) Hospitals can now purchase disposable remote controls from Nosocontrol (I love the name!) to help cut down on nosocomial infections.

Anyway, bottom line, don't touch the plastic on my stuff or I'll kick your butt to Azerbaijan. Don't know where that is? Just don't ask Miss Teen South Carolina to help you find it on a map.


Anonymous said...

I lived in North Carolina for two miserable years... people there are equally dumb.


anne said...

HA! I totally thought of you when I saw that postcard. (I read the blog every Sunday.)