Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

Back from a trip to Romania, with pit stops in Vancouver and Amsterdam. Check out some photos on the left side bar link. Don't worry, I didn't post as many pictures as I did for my Peru trip (1200+)... and I didn't post a dozen photos of the same flower taken from 10 different angles and zooms (maybe I would have, but the snow would have covered up any flowers if there were any, that is).

The Japanese are so fascinating! If they're not studying to pass a chopsticks skills test to get into school they are dressed in bikinis while riding bull-machines and throwing cream pies at each other. Where can I get one of those bull riders? I hear they are now being used as exercise machines.

Yes, my birthday is coming up, but please... don't get me this! I don't need any more distractions while making deposits.

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