Monday, July 9, 2007

you think YOU'RE so smart?

If YOU'RE going to slip a note like this though the crack in my car window, at least proof-read it first, better yet don't assume that I live there! Now, not only are you a stuck-up Menlo Parkian with no life except to be a parking Nazi, but you are dumb, too. Maybe if YOUR dumb city had sidewalks there would be no confusion of where YOUR driveway starts and ends.


prez said...

A common 5th grade mistake.

Nancy said...

Oh dear, we have the same sentiment on our block. We have to park *exactly* in front of our house or the neighbors make a stink.

Anonymous said...

I hope you remembered the area so you can park there again next time.

Genevieve said...

ahahah. YOUR blog is awesome.

google map the place. i'll be sure to park there some time as well.